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Love at first sight!

Love at first sight!

R & J can’t really say how they fell in love with each other – they just did and do. But of course, finding each other in the first place was another story….. and it was a very good story about meeting the love of your life, celebrating pure romance and happiness, good times and that pangy feeling in your heart when you’ve met “the one.”

“J was grumpy and jaded. He had just been through a really difficult, sticky time, had finally freed himself and was ready to stop being so serious! He just wanted to kick up his heels, have some fun and hopefully meet some guys with sexy accents (other than the kind he has). But the last few dates he’d been on were just strange and peculiar and NOT in a good way! Which caused him to think that maybe he just wasn’t in the right place mentally or maybe, even literally. Maybe Portland was the problem…?

In one last effort at proving himself wrong, he joined and arranged a date with someone he had just met online. I truthfully don’t think he was very optimistic about meeting this guy because on his way over in the cab, he began moaning away at the driver about relationships and how they weren’t worth anyone’s time or trouble. And by the time they had arrived, laughing, J said, “hey, just keep the engine running, this won’t take very long!” And knocked on the door.

And found himself gazing into the eyes of a very handsome man named R, who sported a cheeky grin with a voice which dripped Southern honey, bless his heart in a good way! and he immediately knew, without a single doubt, that he was absolutely and completely a goner for this man. It was love at first sight for both of them…”

NOTE:  I LOVED marrying these two fabulous men!  Their love and joy at finding each other and getting married was contagious!  – M

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